May is Asian Heritage Month

Asian Heritage


It’s Asian Heritage Month in Canada. In the U.S., it’s called Asia Pacific Heritage Month.

From my quick research (aka the Internet), I discovered that there is not a lot of information and media coverage on this celebration, especially in Canada. Or at least where I live.

In Manitoba, the Asian Heritage Society of Manitoba has a list of activities and events to commemorate this month. So does VancouverOttawa, Calgary, and Toronto. But, despite these events and activities, they’re not enough.

They’re not enough because there’s not a lot of buzz and talk about it. Some Filipinos that I know have no idea that it’s their month. And it’s sad because it should be celebrated to recognize Asians in Canada. The more people talk about it, the more people are more open-minded with the Asian culture. That there is more to us Asians.


ISAtv released an episode from their series “Level: Asian” about Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. In the video, hosts Fung Brothers asks UCLA students what they know about Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Watch the video below to hear their responses.


One thought on “May is Asian Heritage Month

  1. Reblogged this on GeekxLovin and commented:
    Wow I didn’t even know that Asian people had a month lol, weird how Asian Heritage has never been mention or promoted in my life. If I didn’t pass by this great post by Lora Quitane, Be sure to check her out, I never had known, and now I’m glad that I do now know about it. But it is kinda sad that like I said before Asian Heritage Month is practically known to very few people in society and I’m kinda doubting that that will ever change, sadly Asians are a forgettable race in the US, very little coverage or attention of any kind to the Asian race in the US. Also, what does this month even represent, events like February’s Black History month pretty all around the is talk about it, on the media and other sources. People actually make it a effort to get the knowledge of Black history and life to the people, but sadly I feel that this Asian Heritage Month event is nothing important or noticeable except to the very few Asian people. Sad but hopefully one day it will change, that one day Asians are recognized like other races.

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