Album: Fog – Tommy P

Fog Tommy P.

It’s appropriate for Tommy P. to name his debut album Fog when the record is inspired by San Francisco City.

The singer and songwriter started playing music since he was 16 years old. Due to his love of music, he and his friends founded 11th Avenue Records, an independent pop/folk/rock record label that supports and promotes independent artists.

Tommy P. grew up in Milpitas, California where he learned to play the drums, guitar, keyboard, and bass. He moved to San Francisco and started collaborating and performing with other artists in the community.

Before his debut album, he released an EP and a compilation album.

His first EP, Nowhere Now, was released in February 2013. In April 2013, he and a few friends released There Is A Light, a compilation album for Sing Out of Darkness Benefit, a benefit concert for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP) in San Francisco.

Tommy P. at the Sunday Night Mic at Saint Lukes Episcopal Church | photo by Mario Di Sandro

Tommy P. at the Sunday Night Mic at Saint Lukes Episcopal Church | photo by Mario Di Sandro

Nowhere Now is indie, acoustic, and homey. I can imagine myself listening to this song while driving on a Sunday or going on a roadtrip. It’s like watching a montage on a movie and the record plays in the background. It’s comfortable and it’s feel-good music.

Fog brings out emotions of being in San Francisco even if you’ve never been there. It starts off quietly, setting the mood with Tommy’s deep voice and an acoustic guitar. Then it becomes grander, like you’re being transported to a new world. The lovely violin piece doesn’t hurt and complements the dream-like music. It dies down gradually, and then catchy “Gravity” plays next. “Farallon Island” is the only track named after an actual place in San Francisco. “Farallon Island” sounds festive and makes you feel like you’re actually in Farallon Island, when he’s really reminiscing about the island.

The acoustic, drums, violin, and trumpet really set the mood in the entire album. It’s cliché, but I see this record playing as the rain heavily pours down and you can see raindrops on the glass on a dark and cold night. Tommy P. was able to portray the feelings of living in San Francisco through his sincere lyrics and honest emotions.

In this debut, Tommy P. has shown that he tries different things. After listening to Nowhere Now and Fog, I know he’ll continue to surprise the audience with new sounds and keep his sincerity.

Tommy P


Catch Tommy P. live! If you’re in San Francisco he’s performing September 20th in Bazaar Cafe with The Not Marys. You can also visit his website and Facebook page for updates, and follow him in soundcloud for new music.


(all photos are from Tommy P.’s Facebook page)