One week later: Super Bowl ads: Will they become available in Canada?

Highlight of Super Bowl XLIX. No really.

Highlight of Super Bowl XLIX. No really.

No, I’m still not over Super Bowl, even though a week has passed.

No, I am not over it because I’m a fan. I’m the opposite. I know nothing about American football.

Two people have already explained to me the rules of the game in both English and Tagalog and I still don’t understand the game (Come to think of it, I’m still clueless with hockey even though I watch it more often than football. But that’s another story.).

I don’t even watch the entire Super Bowl. I only watch bits and pieces like the pre-game ceremony (i.e., to check the artist who will sing “Star Spangled Banner”), the start of the first quarter, the halftime show (depending on the performers), the end of third quarter, and the entire fourth quarter.

But just because I don’t know anything about American football and don’t watch the entire Super Bowl doesn’t mean that I don’t like it. I do. I appreciate American football.

And I appreciate it more because of the halftime show and the ads.

Super Bowl ads are what got me into Super Bowl in the first place. I’m a little disappointed that Canada doesn’t get to watch the ads live because there are a lot of good and not-so-good ads. When I come across a really good ad, I feel bad that I don’t get to see it live because I could only watch them on the Internet.

So I was really surprised when I saw this ad during Super Bowl.

I was lucky that I saw Clash of Clans’ “Revenge” ad that features Liam Neeson. I’m assuming CoC is largely recognized that’s why this ad was played in Canada. But what about other great ads that caters to American audiences? Would these ads play in Canada? (Ever?)

The Canadian Radio-television Corporation (CRTC) has announced that Super Bowl commercials will be viewed in Canada starting in 2017. That means the Super Bowl for the 2016 NFL Season, Super Bowl ads will be played in Canada. But this still depends on whether Bell Media will approve as they have the rights for the event. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

But when they become available in Canada, I’ll make sure to watch the entire game—including the halftime show and the ads.

I know nothing about American football. I don’t really know how famous Tom Brady is. I don’t even know the guy who intercepted the ball in the last 60 seconds of the fourth quarter that prevented the SeaHawks a goal. All I know is that he’s amazing. And all I know is that the Super Bowl XLIX is a great game.


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